This week I thought I would turn to some of my Facebook friends for some questions. I wanted to know what your burning remodeling questions were. So, I asked some of my favorite mom friends,
“What questions do you have about Kitchen and Bath design?”



Ashlie B. from LA:What kind of shower floors are in? We have the rocks and the water sits and mildews.


If looking for a floor to go in you shower you will want a smaller tile. I recommend something that is 2×2 or smaller. This way the tile can be set at the slope needed to drain. (Note: Each city, county, state etc has their own rules about this slope needed. Make sure to check your local codes.)


There are many fun tiles to choose from. Personally I really love penny tiles or even a nice glass tile.   Just make sure what ever you choose is not going to be too slippery.


If you are having problems with your rock shower floor it sounds like it might not be sloped enough. Also if the rocks are raised. (ie Heavy texture) if there is too much texture the water can’t escape. Try pushing water toward the drain with your feet, towel, squeegee etc. standing water will get funky! It is sounding like maybe if they were sloped more it could help but it is a little late for that now… If you were wanting to redo it go with something that didn’t have quite as much texture, that way water can escape.



Laura I. From IA: Tips for decorating small spaces (both rooms are tiny in my house)?


Make sure the items fit the scale of the space. Many times people try to select items that are too big or too small. Don’t forget the magic rule of threes. You can vary items type, size etc but group in threes. Also surround yourself with things you love not just what’s on sale. This insures you will love the space for many years.



Sarah M. from MI: My bathroom is also my laundry room. I need storage tips?


I have done a couple projects with combination rooms like this. Try to sneak storage in anywhere you can. add shelves or a cabinet over the toilet and washer and dryer. One of my favorite tricks is to make the cabinetry over the washer and dryer a bit deeper. That way you can fit the costco size laundry soap that we all buy and the door closes with ease.


I am also a big fan of the broom and ironing board holders that hang on a flat wall. Sometimes we can even squeeze these in behind the door.


Also if you have a front loading washer and dryers try adding a countertop above you machines. This creates a great place to fold and keeps things from falling behind and between washer and dryer.


Thank you to all my great Mommy friends for asking their questions. Do you have burning questions you need answers to? Put your questions in the comments below and I will try to answer your questions too. We also meet with clients on an hourly bases if you just need/want some guidance on your projects.

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