Last week I posed a question to my favorite mom friends, “What burning remodeling questions do you have about Kitchen and Bath design?” If you missed the first blog click here to catch up. I had so many good questions this week I will continue answering questions.


Jackie P. How to do a full remodel on a budget?


This is the million dollar question. LOL. Short answer… Buy my DIY kitchen design e-book. “Unlimited Ideas: Kitchen design for the busy mom”

The little bit longer answer… My last two blogs were all about budgeting. Know your numbers before you start. Creating Your Remodel Budget Part 1 –






CarrieW.: We’re getting ready to remodel both bathrooms with our tax return. So my question is should the bathroom floor tile be different from the shower wall tile? This is what we picked out.

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Where are you using each tile? I am guessing some on your plans, Assuming 12×12 for the main floor, 2×2 for shower floor, 12×12 shower walls with the small liner? Does this tile come in different shades? Sometimes even just one row in a lighter color at the edges will break it up will make it really pop. Either way look at maybe doing the materials different directions. Ie diagonal tiles or staggered. The liner is fairly thin maybe try breaking up the shower more by adding lighter color on top or putting a 1/2 round (pencil) on each side of the liner. This will build it up and make it pop more. These subtle differences will be what adds depth and character and not just look bland.


Caitlin L. Installing flooring/tile yourself. Shortcuts and things not to skip.


Hahaha. Don’t cut off your fingers. Okay maybe that is self explanatory.

I actually was a tile designer and worked for a tile installer for many years in college.Here are a couple key, not to miss, tips:


-Make sure you have a nice sharp blade on the tile saw. Old blades will chew up the tile and chip the edges. If you put blue tape down where you are going to cut you can draw on the tile better and it also helps prevent chipping a little bit more.


-Start setting tile where you can see, and end where you can’t. IE: Start with full tiles in the highly visible spots.


-Add water, slowly, to small amounts of the grout and thin set. That way you can add more if needed. It can be tricky to get this mixture right. Consistency should be that of icing.


-Take your time and go slow.


-After you grout your tile it is super common to get a haze of grout on your tile. Wait for everything to be super dry and then take a microfiber cloth or cheese cloth and wipe everything down again. It might take a couple of passes but it will help clear up that haze.


Good luck to all of you on your projects.


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