Kitchens UnlimitedRecently, we went canoe backpacking with a friend and my daughter.

Yep, it is just like it sounds. We go backpacking but with a Canoe and yes, we took a 19 month old. Two of us had to row all the gear out in the canoe, while the other two hiked in.  I rowed the canoe with our friend, while my husband, my daughter and one of the dogs hiked in.

Just as you’re starting to think I got off easy (okay maybe a little bit) I remind you that paddling a canoe requires balance and team work. Especially, when loaded down with tons of gear and two dogs. We had to work together and row together all while keeping our end goal in site.

These same skills are needed when planning and surviving a remodeling. Two people can be rowing as hard as they can but if they don’t have the same end goal in mind or work together they will only go in circles!

It takes working together with your spouse/partner, designer and contractor to move forward in your remodel. If someone is not communicating well or on board with your final vision of the project you will end up frustrated and not moving forward.

Even if you are working together well, at some point you will feel as if nothing is moving forward and you are stuck.  Like paddling into the wind, even thought the movement may feel small or non existent, keep working together and you can persist and make it through.

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