Tiffany with Cora

You have researched every option and made all of the informed choices, putting you on the path to a healthy happy family.

Until, ….someone pops up and challenges your choices. Making you question something you felt so secure in just 2 minutes before. This very scenario happened to me today.

As many of you may know I have a young daughter. I was reading a post from a mommy blogger who I like to follow. He had a post about the brand of diapers we use. To my surprise, following this post I found tons of comments bashing the diaper brand we have been using.  These comments went on to talk about how it is not the best product for your child, best value, and they are an unethical company.

Wow!  Makes your start to rethink your decision right?!

There is no perfect choice that is always going to be right. So, there is no way to win. I have found this has been  more and more true since becoming a parent. Whether it be breast-feeding, formula feeding, bottle-feeding, pacifiers, diapers, CIO (cry it out), co sleeping or Immunizations, no one agrees on what the proper choices are for you and your child.  This is why I am resound to fail.   Oh and as many of you may know Catholic guilt has nothing on mommy guilt. A friend jokingly told me we are all going to mommy hell.  She might just be right.   I’ll meet you all there.  I’ll bring the wine!

I think this scenario is true in many areas of our life. I wish we as a society could learn to support each other in the decisions we make, No Matter what the decision is. Why can’t we support each other, without bashing others into feeling the same way? I wish we could create a community where we could support and nurture each other not beat each other down.

I strive to provide this unconditional support with my clients. Creating a safe space because no matter your decisions we are here to support you.  If I know that my client made a design decision that is right for them, I no longer talk about other options or my opinion. Why guilt them or make them feel bad about a decision that has been decided or even installed? Continuing to look at options only reopens the thought process and causes the spin of indecision.

Are you looking for someone to support you in your design decisions?  Call us today, we are here to help you thru your remodeling challenges and help you create a space where you can thrive.

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