Believe it or not, an open concept kitchen might just make you fat & happy. Well, I can not guarantee the fat part. I guess that depends on a lot of factors like what your cooking and if you are like me and like to cook in the first place!

Here is why I say this, an open concept kitchen just means that you don’t have walls or visual barriers disconnecting you from the rest of the house. This concept of a kitchen shut away in another room is very 1950’s. Think June cleaver. Now we all want to be connected and be able to see and hear what’s happening in the house. Open concept designs just fit our lifestyles better.

My husband and I lived in a very cute old home built in 1928 for several years. Although I loved the charm and style of the home the floor plan was the pits. My biggest complaint was the kitchen was 2 rooms away from the family room. I felt so disconnected from the happenings of the house I didn’t want to spend time in the kitchen at all. Adding a TV helped but raising small children with this kind of setup would have been hard. Once we moved to our current home with a much more open floor plan I found I actually enjoyed being in the kitchen. I then found I was cooking more. I am now able to see the basketball game, chat with my husband, watch my daughter playing and still make the apple cobbler.

So you have been warned!  The open concept is a great idea for you and your family, just watch your waistline. ?

While watching your waistline is not something I can help you with, figuring out the floor plan that is best for you and your family is. Give us a call today to get started on your dream kitchen.

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