1 3/4 SinkAs a Kitchen and Bath Designer I get asked my advise wherever I go. From my Dentist, to people in line at the store. Once people learn what I do for a living, the questions start. I really don’t mind too much because I like what I do, and I like helping people, although answering questions at the dentist while tools are in my mouth has proven a bit tricky!!


One question that pops up a lot is, “Which kitchen sink is better, a divided or one huge one?”

First of all, I love these types of questions that have no right answer. Believe it or not there is no perfect kitchen out there that is going to be right for all people. Sink size is totally a personal decision.


So how do I decide? Start thinking about how you work in your space:

-What do you like about your current sink? What do you hate?

-Do you like to leave dishes in the sink to soak ( or you just don’t get to them after ever meal)

-Do you pull things out to defrost?

-Do you get frustrated by the divider and never can fit your pots to wash?


For years my husband and I moved around A LOT! Being in college and then graduating and moving back to the Bay Area etc. we were allowed many “opportunities” to try out different kitchen designs. For years I thought I would love one big bowl, and finally, we stumbled across a kitchen that had one. Guess what?



One big sink might be better for some, but for me, it drove me crazy! I never get all the dishes done (a fact I’ve learned to live with) and often I want to pull something out to defrost. Now, I’m trying to move dirty dishes out of the way and fill a bowl with water to put my frozen items in. GRRRR….


My personal favorite is a compromise between the two worlds. A lot of people call it a 1 3/4 bowl. One larger bowl with an average size bowl next to it.   DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT select a sink with that horrible tiny little bowl. You know, the one you can’t even put a bowl in? Those don’t work well for anyone.


Hopefully this has helped you think through your decision. If you are still unsure and need help with this and other decisions in your new kitchen or bath design, contact us.


Tip From Tiffany: Working with a designer can end up saving you time, money and the frustration of indecision.




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