Yes, I probably do have stale crackers in the bottom of my purse, or cereal. It’s a lottery to figure out which. Although, warning, the prize is that aforementioned bag of goodies. ? Winners be warned!

I love motherhood and wouldn’t change it for the world. In fact, I love it so much we are expecting 2.0 in the fall. But, that being said Shopping with these little miracles in tow can be tricky if not downright impossible.

Just last weekend I needed to stop by IKEA for some office furniture. I had already picked out what I wanted and printed out a list, so it shouldn’t be so bad. Right?! In and out we have got this!!  I get to the MEGA store, which is the equivalent to Disneyland, only to realize my beautiful list is still neatly sitting on my desk at home. Instead, I have my 2yo who is coming off of a juice box sugar high and badly needs a nap!?

I pull in with an optimistic mind. I park 10 miles away, grab a cart and go to get my sweet angel out of the car. Only to realize the remains of her juice box had been quietly sprinkled all over her, the car seat and filling her cup holder.  She is quietly dunking her new Angry Birds toy into this “bathtub”. I am only now realizing this might have been a bad idea. But, no turning back!  I’m too close to stop now and I need these office items. I’m on a deadline!

After a wet wipe bath and a fresh set of clothes, the child was buckled in the cart and ready to go. I then finished fighting the car seat to relinquish the liquid filled cupholder (note I am thankful I carry screwdrivers in my car) and after watering a nearby plant we were ready to go!!

It was right about now I realized forgetting the list was so worrisome. I would not be able to just run in and grab what I needed from the flat pack area. I had to go upstairs into the showroom area and figure out the item code and isle numbers of the products I needed… Onward I forged!

If you have been to IKEA maybe you will understand my comparing it to Disneyland. There are lines for everything, kids are crying and running around like wild beasts and it is impossible to figure out how to get out!  I wound thru the maze, finally finding the office furniture department that I was looking for. After looking I realize I might change my mind about one piece.  No worries this is why we come to look, right?!  Nope, with a child in tow there is no room or space to think. Your brain is stuck in the bottom of your purse along with whatever strand of sanity you have left, which is crumbling along with the stale crackers.

I could keep going with my harrowing tale but, by this point, I think you are starting to get the gist. Shopping with a child can take more strength then you may want to muster. Trying to plan and make decisions at this same time is even harder. I truly feel you pain!!

Planning a kitchen remodel is hard enough, you don’t need the pain of running to every showroom in the area to select everything, especially if you have children of any age in tow, note your husband may be just as bad as a child! That is why we are different!! Our expert designers come to you and bring choices that are tailored to your project!  We take the overwhelming stress out of remodeling, because unlike shopping with a 2-year-old, remodeling is supposed to be fun?.

If you are wanting to remodel or know someone who is, contact us to set up a free consolation.  Let us help you create the home you are dreaming of. (You know, the one in your Pinterest boards ?)

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