Several clients lately have asked us lately, “ What’s the difference between our services & Lowe’s or Home Depot? ” This is actually a topic I feel pretty strongly about. So much so that I wrote an e-book about it. I figure since this questions has come up twice in one week maybe it was time to re-share this book and since it is a topic I feel strongly about I am sharing it with you my tribe for free. Please pass this on to anyone you know who needs this information. Together we can save unknowing innocents from an ill fated “big box store” experience. (okay, maybe I’m a tad melodramatic.)


Here is a quick exert from, “Save Money on your Kitchen Design. 4 Reasons the big box store is not the busy mom’s friend.”

“I find many people end up jumping into a project with out planning first. They don’t realize what materials they are getting and/or don’t really know why it was the right (or wrong) choice. This leads to wasting time & money. I want to save you that struggle. I encourage you to educate yourself or hire someone who has this knowledge.

The kitchen is the most important room in our home. It is where we meet, gather, and connect. Because of how often we use this space, it is important to design a space that is right for you and your family. Most people have not planned a remodel before, so it makes sense that we are in need of help and education.

I know you have been to the local “LOWE-DEPOT” stores before. You know, that place where there is limited help, limited knowledge and if that beeping doesn’t stop I’m gonna…..!!! Sorry, I digress. There is a better way!

If are you thinking of remodeling and you planned on heading to the local big box store, here are 4 things you should think about first.”

Continue reading by downloading my e-book here. “Save Money on your Kitchen Design. 4 Reasons the big box store is not the busy mom’s friend.” (clicking on the link will down load the PDF)



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