If you have read any of my blogs, followed me on social media or have read either of my e-books, You have probably heard me throw around the term “Busy Mom”. Some may think, “well, I’m not a mom. So your not speaking to me.” This brings into question, what is a “busy mom”? Better yet who is a “busy mom”?


A busy mom’s come in all shapes and sizes. Most the time they are someone who is busy and focused on not only raising their babies (note: babies can also be, cats/dogs, grandkids, nieces & nephews, businesses, etc.) but also manage a household and family. A busy mom gets tired sometimes but doesn’t stop (good thing there is caffeine). A busy mom is not perfect and may have dishes in her sink and a messy house (Tip: Dim the lights for ambiance and hand company a glass of wine. They will never notice). A busy mom knows sometimes she needs to take time just for her because being a mom all the time might just turn you into a crazy mom. (We all know a handful of those.)


Being a “busy mom” looks different for all of us but no matter the setup we are all “busy mom’s” in one way or another. Why don’t I say busy people then? Well, first of all, it doesn’t sound as good. LOL. Also, there is a nurturing and mothering piece to all of us deep down somewhere. Some of us have to dig a little further than others but this is the part of you that I am talking to. This nurturing “mom” in you is what looks after your families well being. You ensure that everyone is cared for, fed and clothed. This busy mom understands the value or a good kitchen because you know the true heart of your home is the kitchen!


I would love to hear and see what being a “busy mom” means to you. Comment or post your photos below, and on social media  #Busymom.


Is your inner “Busy Mom” crying out for a kitchen to fit your busy lifestyle? We can help. Give us a call or e-mail.

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