As part of my CID accreditation(Certified Interior Designer) I am required to complete continuing education.  Required, sounds worse than it is.  I actually really enjoy getting out and learning more about this industry.   This week I took a class about Water Conservation.  This topic is well timed as it is a hot topic.  In reality this goes even deeper than our continuing state of crisis in this drought.  Although, our current drought situation has brought conservation to the forefront of many people’s minds. Here are a couple good things to know and be aware of.  With or without drought our new water saving ways are here to stay.

New Plumbing Laws

Laws are constantly changing and adapting.  The most recent plumbing Law to be aware of is SB407.  This new law now requires when pulling a permit for a remodel that you ensure all of your plumbing fixtures in your home are Water-conserving plumbing fixtures. This now means we may need to upgrade bathrooms or kitchens not originally in the scope of work. These Water-conserving fixtures need to meet or beat the building standards as of 1994 (Each city and county has approached this new law differently. Work with your remodeling professionals to ensure you meet your city, county and state requirements.)

Someone asked me this week if they could just pay the fine and not have to deal with it.  That’s now how this works.  This new law is being adapted into the building code and this is part of the building permit process now. Just like they inspect your electrical or check for smoke detectors.  If you pull a permit you must comply!

Part 2 of this new law.

Yes, there is more!  As of 2017 at the sale of your home you will be required to have water-conserving plumbing fixtures.  What does this mean to you?  Again, we may have to change out toilets, faucets and shower heads to meet this law’s requirements.  It also means the days of a shower with multiple heads has reached it’s end.  Depending on how this law is enforced you may be required to remodel these showers and bring them up to current codes and laws.

Take away? Even after we get some rain these codes and laws will stay. Good news is with new fixtures this is easy!

Want “4 tips for saving water now?” Hold tight, these tips on ways to conserve water are coming in our next blog.

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