Top 5 Things That you Should Never Keep in your BathroomThe bathroom creates damp, humid conditions that deem it volatile for particular items stored there. Items which you would never expect could harbor mold, bacteria, and cause a great deal of monetary loss if they are not kept out of the bathroom. These five items should be removed as soon as possible if they are stored in your bathroom to prevent any health risks and to maintain a healthy home!

1. Jewelry

Do not get in the habit of taking off your jewelry and storing it in the bathroom right before a shower or bath. The humid atmosphere will speed up the oxidation process and cause the jewelry to tarnish faster. Never leave your jewelry, cheap or expensive, anywhere apart from your body and your jewelry box. Keep your items in a cool and dry room instead so they maintain their shine for a lifetime.


2. Extra Razors

Another mistake is keeping razor blades exposed to the bathroom’s atmosphere. The moist and steam from the shower might dull or rust your blades before you even use them. While the humidity eats away at the razor’s sharpness, the dampness causes the blade to oxidize and therefore rust. After each use, dry your razor and put it somewhere cool and dry to avoid the oxidation. Store extra razors outside of the bathroom to avoid humidity that dulls them prematurely or keep them in a resealable plastic bag to block out the moisture.


3. Linens

Bathrooms often breed mold and mildew because of the humidity and condensation from steaming water. You want to keep linens, like towels and sheets, in another room while ensuring that you run an exhaust fan to help air out damp towels after a bathing session. Or, keep any towels that you are not using in a dry, warm room. Only bring a towel into the bathroom when you’re headed for a shower or bath, then leave it to dry elsewhere. Towels should also be replaced at least every two years. Keep your linens in a linen closet away from the bathroom to avoid them absorbing humidity and making them susceptible to bacteria and mildew.


4. Non-Waterproof Electronic Devices

Do not leave any non-waterproof electronic devices in the bathroom and especially in the shower. The high humidity causes technology to be vulnerable to damage. You shouldn’t take an electric device into the bathroom that isn’t able to withstand the high moisture levels found in bathrooms. Although you may enjoy singing into an invisible mic when showering or listening to music, you should avoid bringing non-waterproof electronic devices into the bathroom. Not only could the monetary consequences be steep, but it could put a real damper on your private parties! Invest in a waterproof device to avoid these issues.


5. Medicine

Although it is called a “medicine” cabinet, prescription medicine and other medication should stay away from moisture and be stored at room temperature which lies between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Because of the high temperatures commonly found in bathrooms, the drugs could lose their effectiveness if not stored in a cool and dry place. You definitely do not want to lessen the potency and accelerate the expiry with the fluctuation in temperatures and high humidity. Instead, store your pills in your bedroom dresser or your kitchen cupboard as long as it is away from any cooking steam.


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