Tiffany is on maternity leave, so we asked one of our other designers, Jennifer, to step in and write for you this week. Jennifer has had a lot on her plate lately, and we are lucky she rose to the challenge. Enjoy her blog on how timing is everything!

Jennifer & her husband in Scotland
Jennifer & her husband in Scotland


In the past month, I’ve said on a number of occasions “If you want people who are close to you to plan major life events, just make some non-refundable deposits on a big, international vacation!” That is exactly what happened to me this year, and I’ve survived to tell about it. Late last fall, my husband and I, along with another couple, began the planning for a long awaited trip to Scotland. Deposits were made, flights booked – the entire trip would last nearly three weeks. Although departure was quite a ways off, excitement was building.


Early in the year, my stepson began talking about proposing to his girlfriend. We weren’t concerned – just pleased for him. The proposal occurred, was accepted, and the happy couple began discussing wedding dates. “Late in the summer”, they said. “Okay,” we countered, “but you do realize that we’re scheduled to leave for Scotland on August 31, and not return until September 18, right?” So…they set a date and booked a venue for September 24. Well, I guess that will have to work.


Tiffany then announces her pregnancy! I began working for her when she was pregnant with her first baby. While my work schedule is pretty casual, and at times the work load can be light. This is not always the case when I have to step in for her during maternity leave. So, back to her current pregnancy – due date, September 24!


Just to add a bit more to the fun, my husband learned that the annual industry conference that he attends, and will be presenting at, was scheduled to begin on September 27, with travel on the 26th.


With the convergence of all these events, would we have chosen to book a long vacation just prior? Of course not – that would be insanity!! Yet, somehow, we’ve survived. We had a fabulous vacation. We recovered from jet lag. We hosted a number of out of town guests who arrived for the wedding. We also put on a pretty decent rehearsal dinner, and thoroughly enjoyed the big day. The next day we had a great outing with visiting family. I also somehow managed to work on a kitchen design and meet with a client during the week before the wedding.


The next time you’re looking at your worn out, dysfunctional kitchen, and think that you’ll remodel some day, when the time is right, when life is not so busy, or when all the right factors align, then you might just start to plan that project. Just do it! There’s never a perfect time to tear apart your kitchen. There’s no time like the present. You’ll get through it, you’ll survive, and it will be SO worth it in the long run.


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