Happy post Thanksgiving! That glorious event where we cook for 10 hrs in a kitchen that is too small, over crowded, and inefficient. The counters are so full you now know how Jenga was invented. Grandma Jo was in your way trying to help (which isn’t helpful), and your fit bit beeped 10,000 steps before noon! There’s always the bad news and good news when to the holidays and family.

Cooking and family can be stressful but It’s the food that makes it all worth it, right? We aim for that perfect Martha Stewart looking turkey. Feeling the need to find the perfect free range, organic, always happy, $50 turkey. Remembering to defrost it (yeah, who knew that can take days?!).  Get up early to get the turkey prepped and in the oven. Then having to stop what your doing every 30 min to baste for the next 4-5 hrs!

Wow, wishing you had gone to work instead, huh?  

At least someone else was bringing the sides right?! Nope. Aunt Sally just showed up 30 minutes before dinner with a bag of potatoes and a smile.

OK, maybe I exaggerated a little bit, but somehow you managed to survived this holiday full of inevitable pitfalls.  Bad news is we can’t  go back in time and change this years thanksgiving. Good news is we have time to fix your kitchen before next years Thanksgiving. Just think with a new, gorgeously spacious kitchen it could make the rest a bit more tolerable. When it comes to family; sorry, but your on your own!


If a new kitchen is on your wishlist, give us a call for your free consultation. We design kitchens and baths that fit your look, budget and lifestyle, all from the comfort of home.



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