Junk DrawerThe junk drawer is a staple in kitchens everywhere. From pens & pencils to tape measures and scissors, you will find everything and anything in a well-stocked junk drawer. People try to tame this beast only to find it comes back worse. Many will even try to eliminate it! Although an honorable feat, I warn against trying such a task. Why you may ask? Because it is part of human nature. We like to sort and categorize but somethings just don’t fit in. trying to eliminate a place for these odd ball items will only result in this same junk being dispersed throughout your kitchen. Now… Every drawer is a junk drawer. Definitely a step in the wrong direction, huh?


Here are a couple of rules to try to keep your junk drawer from becoming unruly.


1- Size your junk drawer appropriately


Too big and it becomes crazy and unruly, too small and it overflows into other cabinetry. No mater the size drawer you pick you will fill it. This is the nature of the beast. Therefore start with a smaller space.


2-Clean out the Junk


Yes, get the junk out of the junk drawer. You know the school schedules and coupons that are expired. Those long lost toy parts that broke and you were going to fix… Where is that toy anyway? clean your junk drawer out regularly and you will also remember what IS in the drawer.


3-Location, location, location


Your junk drawer should be out of the main workspace of your kitchen. You don’t want to waste such valuable real estate on a drawer that isn’t needed for daily tasks. I like putting the junk drawer in a “command center” area. A “command center” is where you have the phone, phone charger, calendars, pens, pencils, mail etc. This is where you run your household from making it a perfect spot for these items.


There is a true art to taming the Junk drawer but it is not an unachievable task. Start small and you will get there.


Is the junk drawer the least of your worries? Do you need help with the whole kitchen? Drawers not even working to open anyway? Contact us, we would love to help you design a new space that will work for you and your family, junk drawer included.

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