I recently went to a class on how to design steam showers. I went into the class very skeptical, don’t get me wrong, I like a hot steamy shower but to have a steam shower in my home seems overkill right? I figured it was only something for high-end clients who wanted a fancy toy to show up the neighbors. Wow, I was wrong! (I don’t say that very often, you might want to keep track of that.)


I was shockingly excited to learn not only are they fairly easy to install, but pretty reasonable in price and also amazing for your health!


Let’s start with the 3 biggest misconceptions. A lot of these are the same things I was thinking.


Steam Shower. Picture credit: TheRichest.com



1-Why do I need steam?

Steam showers are amazingly great for your health. Helping with allergies, colds, depression, heart function, blood flow & circulation, skin & complexion, sleep & relaxation, muscle relaxation, and detoxification. (Note: At first I thought Detoxifictation sounded a little woo woo and out there but have you ever gone to a bar or a BBQ and come home with that smell still in your hair and on your skin? All detoxification means is steaming this nastiness out. Yes please!)


Wow, so with all those benefits why don’t people use steam more often? How come we don’t all know about this? Funny enough, a lot of people in other countries do. In fact for thousands of years the Romans and Turks have been widely known for their baths which involves the use of steam.


2-There is a steam room at the gym


Many people with gym memberships (yes, even if you don’t go I bet you have one) have access to steam rooms. Many people think if I wanted to steam I would just go there and use theirs. But, most gym steam rooms are shared by lots of people. You don’t have the privacy and relaxation you could have at home. Imagine in your own private space steaming with your music, at the temperature you want, and even enjoying added light and aroma therapy to lull you into a nice relaxed state before bed.


Not convinced yet?


3- Uses too much water


Especially if you live in California, like me, it all comes down to water! Many people think steam showers must be wasting water. Right?!


Nope, steam showers are very “green”. One 15-20 Min steam shower only uses 1 gallon of water. This is way less then what we use now to create a hot steamy shower. You can recreate this experience but without wasting all that extra water.


Now that you are all warmed up to steam, give us a call today to design your dream steam shower. Why wait any longer to start experiencing these amazing benefits!

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