MopBlogSome days you just need to stop and mop! Okay, I know that sounds crazy but follow me on this morning’s journey…


Today I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You know those days nothing is going quite right and you wish you were back in bed? Yup. that is the kind of Friday I was having. The dishes wouldn’t fit in the cabinetry quite right, I spilled water on my eggs and toast and everything was annoying me (by everything, I mean everything my husband was doing). My toddler didn’t want to get out of bed, not that I blamed her, and putting her shoes on was an act of war. If that wasn’t enough we had ants in the kitchen! Thank goodness it is Friday I’m not sure I can take much more!


I was finishing picking up a couple of things before heading into my office and I looked down only to realized how gross my kitchen floor was. (Design note: dark floors with two dogs, a cat, and a toddler is Hell to keep clean!!) I am the first to admit I am not the best housekeeper. Thank goodness cleaning skills was not a top requirement my husband listed as a wife. LOL ? I had an hour before anyone else was due in the office so I decided I needed to stop and sweep the floor.


Sweeping the floor helped a little bit but there was still smudges and scuffs of who knows what everywhere! I finally broke down and pulled out the mop. Wow, what a difference! I don’t think my floors have been this clean in a month. I am sure 10 min after my family gets home they will get dirty again but for those couple minutes, it was like a fresh new start to the day.


So… Somedays you just need to stop and mop the floor!   Maybe it was my way of re-centering and starting the day fresh but whatever it was it worked.


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