Make your home singMusic is amazingly powerful. Just look at how the first couple beat to a song can quickly divide or unite a room.  A good song can make you smile, can make you laugh and even take you out of a funk. It can instantly transport you to a specific time or situation in your life.


I think back to my wedding reception. My husband and I decided we didn’t want any cheesy canned wedding music we wanted a live band. We decided to hire a local group that we found in college. It seemed a perfect choice since this was where we met. The group plays a lively mix of what my husband calls Ska, latin fusion. We were super excited to share this part of our story and history as a couple with our guests. The band made the 3 hour drive up from Fresno. But, before they had even finished the first song most of our guest had escaped out to the balcony.

The instant music divide!


Music can instantly speak to your heart and emotions. Dick Clark, said “Music is the soundtrack of your life.” So, if music is the sound track of our lives then our homes are our Canvas. When designing your home your space should reflect you, your life and your experiences. Does your home speak to you? Does it show your personality and spunk? Does it tell your story? NO? Then what is it saying?



Try digging out some old treasures that do speak to you. Try reviving some family photos or paintings. (Updating a frame can freshen the look and help connect to your current style.) Memories and personality can be captured in many ways. It could be as simple as a specific color or pattern.


The great thing is this doesn’t require a major remodel. I have fond memories of my grandmothers cow shaped cream and sugar bowls. I like keeping these in a spot I can see.  I challenge you to try adding some of the items you LOVE and see if it changes your space.

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