It’s a necessary evil. I have already mentioned my daughter a couple of times through out my blogs, she is a pretty active little girl. Somehow we made it to 13 months before we finally put the baby locks on our cabinetry. It was long overdue! The result of this is procrastination required the constant need to keep a very watchful eye and a thankfulness that she usually goes for her bottles, fruit squeeze pouches and my (tightly closed) bottle of vanilla. After months of picking up after her, we spent a weekend “child-proofing” the kitchen. As a note to you, save yourself energy and put them on sooner than later!




The product we used purchased is Rev-A-Shelf Tot-Lok. I have had several clients use them, and they work well. Although they do require power tools and a little time for installation… Which is why it took me so long before I finally installed them.


Rev-A-Shelf makes this quality product tChildLockhat Utilizes magnets rather than flimsy plastic parts. (you know the ones that you break your finger nail on and the kids figure out before you do?!) These awesome locks have a key that you place on the front of the cabinet to release the lock and open the drawer or door. When this magnetic key is removed from the face of the cabinet, the lock reengages, and little trouble makers are locked out. I like this method because it allows installation without any visual lock on the outside of the cabinet and is still easy for adults to use (we all know how most child locks only really keep the adults out!). They also have a handy way to leave them unlocked. This works well when cooking during naptime or after bedtime. It is also convenient in that you don’t have to uninstall them once your child outgrows their need for locks.



Not a parent of small children? These child locks still come in handy if you ever have small kids around. My mom recently asked me for a couple sets to install in her house so she could lock under the sink and under bathroom sink (where she keeps cleaning products). Great idea for safety!


Designing a kitchen with small children in mind? Give us a call! There are a lot of tips and tricks you can implement without making your kitchen LOOK “kid friendly”. We would love to help you with your new project.

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