Remodeling is a journeySeveral years ago my husband and I went to visit a friend in NYC.  Funny enough when we got there he had to leave for a movie shoot in Puerto Rico…  Although, that is a whole different story.  We had never been to NYC before and after picking up a travel book we had no trouble finding several days worth of activities to keep us busy.

One evening we set out to do a little bar hopping. The first bar was called McSorley’s and is advertised as the oldest bar in Manhattan.   This place is thick with history.  (Literally the dust is thick!) We got a mug of the dark and the light just to try both options and hung out for a few hours.  The next bar was only a few doors down.

With truly a different vibe Burp Castel is known for having a lot of Belgian beers on tap.  Any of my fellow beer lovers will know that this is not easy to find.  So we settled in with the monks (painted in murals on the walls as well as the staff’s uniforms) and picked a couple must have beers off the list, and then a couple more.  Good thing we only had to stumble back to public transportation.


It was at this point, stumbling back to public transportation, that got us into trouble.  (Don’t fret this story ends with a happy ending, I promise.) Positioned right between these two lovely NYC establishments was a wonderful hat shop.  And yes, they were still open at 12 midnight.  I found this odd, but was drawn in to look.

With our purse strings loosened with wonderful beer my husband found two nice hats and I found one amazing hat.  (This was a custom one of a kind hat that I have still found no equal.)  We both still treasure these hats as wonderful mementos of that night and NYC


Remodeling is a journey, and sometimes, so is life. You have to be open to the adventure.   Keep this in mind as you design your home and live with construction. Things don’t always go as planned, but if you go along for the ride you can find some treasures.

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