I love watching the Olympics. Summer or winter I am hooked! Every two years the best of the best compete, reaching for gold. It’s the ultimate test to see who is the best in the world. These athletes train their whole lives for their events that many times are done in just minutes.


What we don’t usually see is just what it takes to win gold. The planning and training that is behind all of these athletes as well as the time and energy that go into just one event is amazing. What we see displayed on TV is just a small glimpse into years and years of hard work, setting goals and grueling practice schedules.


How is this like remodeling? (you knew the connection was coming.) 😉


You see a photo of the perfect kitchen in a magazine or on Houzz, it seems easy, but you don’t realize all the people, planning, time and money that it took to get there. Much like training for the Olympics, putting in that hard work pays off in the end. Just like training for a race, the more you plan and think ahead of time the easier and less stressful the race (IE construction) feels. Can you imagine having not trained at all and trying to keep up with the other athletes? It is also imperative to have the right people around you to coach you, help you thru the rough patches and keep you on track. It is easy to loose site of your goals and forget where the finish line is.


We would love to help you plan, design and bring to life your “gold”. If you or someone you know is thinking about remodeling, have them contact us. We look forward to helping you reach for gold in your next remodel.

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