Kitchen Organization is one of my most asked about topics and one of my favorite to do. Not just because I love a good DIY project but because it can make a big impact on your every day function and use of the space. Good organization can save you time and frustration. Here is a quick story about a DIY project I recently tackled. Enjoy 🙂

Recently it came to my attention that we had two trouble spots in our kitchen. Here is a step by step guide of fixes with photos. (of course who doesn’t love show and tell)

Project # 2 – Pot lids



Problem- Pot lids that are all shoved in a deep drawer. The one lid I need is always on the bottom. I got tired of fighting this battle and knew there was a better way.

First step- First, clear everything out of the space. This helps so you can clearly see what you have and what you need.








Solution- Instead of pilling lids on top of each other, I used a pullout made for pan lids. Was easy to install. You want to make sure it is nice and straight and clears the side of the cabinet. Screw it in and your ready to cook




After-Each lid now has a perfect spot to sit and I can always find the one I need. (well, unless it’s dirty!)

Again only took me about 30 min.


Did you miss fix#1?  Check it out here.




 Where are the trouble spots in your kitchen? Leave a comment below with a spot where you need help. I will pick one of you and do a DIY spot light on a solution just for you.

Do you have too many trouble spots to count? Do you need more help than 1 hour of DIY can handle? Let me know I’d love to help you dig deeper and develop a new plan that works for you.

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