Quick and Easy Crockpot ChalupaFood has a magical way of transporting us to another time and place. There are several meals that make me recall my childhood almost instantly, this Chalupa recipe is one of them.  It was a staple in our house growing up.  Now on a cold winter day or any day I am feeling a little nostalgic I will dust it off.  I also love this recipe because it is versatility and super easy to make.  I love to cook more complicated recipes but honestly don’t always have the time and energy.  (I’m sure you can relate 😉 )

I hope you enjoy this taste of my childhood and your family loves it as much as mine does.


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Quick and Easy Crockpot Chalupa


1lb Dry Pinto Beans

3lb Pork Roast

7 Cups Water

1/2 Cup Onion Chopped

2 Cloves Garlic



1 Tbl Salt

2 Tbl Chili Powder

1 Tbl Cumin

1 tsp Oregano

4 oz can Green Chili Peppers


Throw everything in the Crockpot. Cooks minimum 6 hrs.

Serve in tortillas or over rice.

Garnish with, lettuce, salsa, avocado, cilantro, sour cream, hot sauce or anything else that sounds good.


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