Don't Ignore Your BathtubLife can be crazy!!


As I am sitting down to write this I am 7 months pregnant with my son, I have a 2 1/2-year-old who is smart, sassy and keeps me on my toes. I Also run a busy business with 3 employees and attempt (with the help of my husband) to keep our home from looking too unruly!


Some days (okay, most days) I’m exhausted… The struggle is real! I don’t tell you this to whine and complain because I don’t wish to change any of it. I also know you probably have a list just as long and stressful as mine and feel that same exhaustion.   We are all busy. I just wanted to tell you, You are not alone!!


This week I managed to get my 2 yo down for bed without too big of a fight, (Yes, miracles do happen!) and I decided I needed to unwind. 7 months of pregnancy was taking its toll on my body. Achy feet, legs, back, you know the normal stuff. ? Normally I would opt for a glass of wine but since that option is off the table, I had to think of something else. After thinking for a minute I remembered hearing soaking in Epsom salt is supposed to help achy muscles.


What do you know, I have a huge soaking tub that has been used maybe 3 times in the 8 years we have owned our home. Maybe it was time to take out the beach towels, discarded bath toys and dust off the tub. I even had a bunch of bath salts from random gifts I had received over the years.


I have to say it was super nice to sit and relax. And my achy legs, feet and back actually felt better! I even read my book for more than 2 minutes, uninterrupted! All this reminded me to remind  you all; Don’t Forget Your Bathtub! After this, I have officially decided the bathtub hiatus in our house is over. We forget (yes, even I forget) to take time, to care for us! We get busy and focus on others and ignore the warning aches of our bodies.


I help many clients remodel their bathrooms (Yes, we do more than kitchens ?). Many times clients opt to take out their tubs because nobody takes to time to use them. Today I am sending out a PSA: Don’t Ignore Your Bathtub!. Yes, it might take a minute to clean out all the stuff that has been thrown in there but it’s worth it.


Don’t have a tub? Try a steamy shower. Of if your lucky and have a steam shower built in use that! (Read my blog about Steam Showers.) Wish you had any or all of these wonderful options in your own home? Contact us. We would be happy to help you create a relaxing bathroom that you can escape to.

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