Recently I was watching a series of commercials about a rouge contractor talking to his clients. Although funny, the comedy is rooted in true fears people have of remodeling. Lets address these fears and how can we can help you overcome them.



Fear#1: The contractor is going to disappear & when he is there, he will not listen to you anyway.


How to overcome: We help pair you up with qualified contractors who we know, like and trust. We also help you draw up a design so our wants and needs are clearly addressed on the design. The contractor has questions? He or you can call us at anytime to clarify details. We also visit the job to make sure everything is being done per our plan.





Fear #2: Contractors will do things that aren’t needed, go over budget and you’ll never get your house back!


How to overcome: Before the contractor ever starts we discuss a design so we know what is being done. Taking out the wall might not even be needed or the best solution to your issues.   We help you develop and stay on budget with a realistic timeline.





Fear #3: Contractors make things more complicated and confusing than they need to be, set unrealistic timelines and expectations, disappear leaving you questioning everything they have done and your house is still in shambles.


How to overcome: Construction can be confusing. Most people don’t do it everyday so it makes sense that you are not a professional. We are here to help walk you thru the process, translating construction jargon into english so you are clear on what is being done and why. You should have confidence in the professionals you hire. While construction is messy and intrusive, it doesn’t have to ruin your life!




Are you or someone you know afraid to remodel? Afraid the contractor will disappear, not listen to what want, go way over budget spending all your money, way past the schedule….


We are here to help you! Give us a call to start your project. Remember, remodeling should be fun! =)

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