P1010278A couple of years ago I decided to teach myself to knit.  I love to read and learn from books.  So, I bought a good knitting book, some balls of yarn, and needles.  In no time I had made a bunch of fun scarves.  In fact every family member received one for Christmas that year.  (sorry everyone!)  After feeling like I had an idea of what I was doing I decided to try making a hat. How hard could it be right?


Nothing wrong with knitting scarves but they can be a little more forgiving then a hat!  Add a stitch or drop a stitch in the end you really don’t notice too bad. With a pretty yarn that is a little fluffy and you don’t even see the mistakes.  Do you see where this is heading?  Well, The hat was a little less forgiving! Some how I kept adding stitches and a lot like a pot of pasta the hat grew and grew.  I proudly finished it and went to try it on, only to realize I made it WAY too big.   My husband lovingly calls it my basketball cozy.  Not sure when that would ever come in hand buy sure enough I had one.


My first knit hat may have been an epic fail but there can be a learning curve to learning a new skill.  Although I thought I was on the right path and knew what I was doing I had gone astray.  Some times this is hard to see until you can stand back and see the finished project.  A little help or guidance along the way could have corrected any small errors and saved me a lot of time and yarn.


Are you afraid your remodel project may end up off track?  Look for some help and guidance to steer you along your path.  A couple quick nudges to keep you on the path will not only save you time but money.  No one wants to look back at the end and realize they have a beautiful basketball cozy!

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