Have you ever heard there is a best time to shop for certain things? IE: Produce, Sheets & towels, Technology, Christmas? There are whole sales dedicated to this theory; Black Friday, Cyber Monday, White sales etc. A lot of times it is due to deeper discounts or when items are restocked. But, what month is best to remodel?


So is there a best time to remodel? I have heard people say summer, so you can BBQ and be outside. We live in California, where the weather is pretty mild all year round. If the kids are out of school and under foot, you have plans for vacation or company coming it might not be ideal.     I have heard it said to remodel over the holidays because most people don’t want to start a project this time of year, sometime contractors will give you a deal on their labor. But the industry is so busy right now that most contractors are booked up all the time.


So, when is the right time? My answer is there is no best month to remodel. I would say the best time is now. Why now? Because, it will never be a perfect time! Life is busy happening. Vacations, graduations, weddings, sports seasons, school projects. These things never stop. It is seldom heard from a client “I wish I had waited”. Instead what I am is told “I wish we had done this sooner!” Or “Why did we wait so long?”




Not sure where to start with your project? Need help pulling it all together? Contact us. We can get you moving forward. Stop waiting for the perfect moment or time and prepare to start living in your ideal Kitchen and bathrooms today!

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