Tartar sauce recipeSome things you take for granted. Today While making fish sticks for my daughter, I realized it was my moms home made tarter sauce that I have taken for granted.  Many recipes get too fancy with it, the store bought stuff just isn’t right and and sometimes you just need the comfort of home made. Here is the quick easy recipe, as I remember it.


Mom’s Amazing Tarter Sauce Recipe- 

Time- less than 5 min.

Supplies needed- bowl, spoon, knife and cutting board

Ingredients- mayonnaise, pickles & lemon juice

1 cup mayo

(I love miracle whip on sandwiches but it just doesn’t work for this. The real stuff tastes best)

1-2 Dill pickles sliced and diced

(I like alot! Some people say they prefer sweet. Yeah, I don’t know what’s wrong with them either.)

A dash of lemon juice.


Mix it all together and voila. Tarter sauce for those fish sticks.


Just like this simple recipe, when remodeling a little hands on attention can take you’re kitchen or bath from not quite right to Yummy.  Knowing the recipe to follow is the trick.  I have a great checklist that I use with my clients when we are starting to design their projects.  This checklist will help you create your recipe for success.

Realizing that you take your home for granted?  If your kitchens or bathrooms  are ready for some TLC Request an appointment now.

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