So Many Crayons in the Coloring Box
So Many Crayons in the Coloring Box

I was cleaning up my daughter’s crayons last night, and I was excited to see so many crayons in the coloring box.There are so many options, and so much opportunity. I love color! (Can you tell?)


Colors can make you feel happy, sad, or excited. Colors can be tied to memories and emotions too? Ever find a color that takes you back to a specific time of event? What was the color of your last vacation? Add that color to bring back the peaceful relaxed feeling.


Yet, I find so many people sway away from color. They are timid to commit and afraid to try new bold statements.


Just look at the current color trends right now… Everyone is using white and grey. Although I love this look too, it looks even better with the contrast of some pop colors. I currently have a client who is remodeling their whole down stairs in the new crisp white and grey trend but she is adding pops of poppy orange! (Don’t worry pictures are coming soon!) Think how much this can take a space from nice to WOW!


Still scared of color? Start small. Add some accessories, a throw pillow, tablecloth, etc. Feeling bolder? Try adding a rug, or painting an accent wall.


Still needing help pulling your colors together? Don’t worry we can help. Color is hard to get right. This probably attributes to peoples fear of getting it wrong. Contact us today and we will help you find the color that is right for you!






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