Out Of The ParkOver the weekend we took our little family to a baseball game. Just like any outing with a toddler we prepared plenty of snacks, toys and distractions. It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather, great seats and even better company. Sounds perfect right?!

The problem with a baseball game is although you can try to guess how long the game will last the rule of “one, two, three strikes your out” can make this unpredictable game hard to schedule around a two year old’s nap.  Unlike many games with time limits, innings can be fast or sometimes, painfully slow… Even the best of children get a bit antsy after hours of sitting in one spot. (Who am I kidding, I get a little antsy too).

Living thru construction is much like a baseball game. We can prepare and plan ahead of time but construction is unpredictable. Many times there are delays and no amount of distraction makes it feel better. Your life is disrupted and your patience wears thin.

There is hope though. No game can last forever! Once cabinetry and countertops start going in, the innings usually start flying by. Next thing you know it is over and you are left with a beautiful win (New kitchen).

Who do you know that wants to remodel but is unsure how to “get to the game”. Have them give us a call. We can help get them started and create a project that will knock it out of the park!

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