The most common questions I am asked when I start with new clients is, “I want to remodel but where do I start? What comes first? What order should things be selected and installed?” What this comes down to is the age-old question, “What comes first the chicken or the egg?” Many times when looking to taking on a large project it can seem overwhelming. With so many decisions to be made and many of them that affect the others, how do you know which one to start with? I find many clients start trying to make decisions only to change their mind when they make the next decision.


A quick example (maybe this is you): You want a new kitchen so you go look at countertops and select a beautiful surface but your not sure what color cabinetry would look right. Then you select flooring and find a nice wood you love, but will it look okay with the counters? Then you find a cool tile for the backsplash, but now you stand back and realize even though you love each of these choices nothing goes together and it looks nothing like the photos you had Pinned on Pinterest and it still doesn’t fix the fact that your whole family is running into each other in the kitchen and you constantly feel on top of one another…   Frustrated at this point most people continue to keep spinning. Changing choices but still not figuring it out.


This circle of confusion is frustrating and gets most people stuck if not making you give up altogether. There is a better way!! Knowing the order and steps to make these decisions can save you a lot of this frustration and save you tons of time! (We all need more of that right?!?)


These are such common questions and issues that I created a 10-page checklist to help you figure out the order to make these decisions, things to think about and what order to put them in.   This checklist not only saves you time and money but also the headache that the above-mentioned “Spinning” creates.

Get this free Checklist to as Successful remodel!


Finding the checklist helps, but this is still taking you more time and energy then you have to dedicate? No problem, give us a call. We work with clients to help make all these decisions easy. We help painlessly walk you through the process and toward your dream Kitchen or Bath. Remember, remodeling should be fun =)

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