Before photo, Survive a kitchen remodel

So your kitchen design is done, the cabinetry and appliances are ordered… Now what?  With the nervous excitement unequaled by anything but waiting for your first born you are waiting for products to arrive and construction to start.

Remodeling can bring your home back to life, allowing your family to thrive. But, first you have to survive THE REMODEL!

Our 5 steps will help you keep your cool through the construction heat.



Have a Plan

  • Yes, this is a step I have used before. It is a key step!
  • Know when everything is coming. If possible have everything on job site when the contractor starts.
  • Don’t demolish too soon. (sometimes it’s easy to get excited and rip it out now!)

Pack & Purge

  • Use that excited energy to start packing now.
  • It always take longer and more boxes then you think.
  • Haven’t touched it in a year or two?  Pass it on.

Set up a Temporary Kitchen

  • Find a space out of the construction zone.
  • Grab the necessary appliances. Refrigerator, microwave, and maybe a toaster oven or hot plate.
  • Finish the set up with a large table, paper plates & plastic silverware.


Let the Contractors do Their Job

  • Set up a system for communication.
  • Have a chain of command for questions. Having two many contacts is confusing and can result in lost time and errors.
  • Unsure about something or don’t feel comfortable asking the contractor? Talk with you designer. We are here to support you through this process.



  • Yes, some days will feel like nothing was accomplished.
  • Some days dust will be in every crevice of your home. Making it seem it will never be clean again.
  • Some days the banging, sawing and general ruckus will have you at your wits end…

Breathe!  Your almost there.  Have a glass of wine and hang in there.


Still in the planning stages?  Check out the “3 Tips for Planning a Remodel”.

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