Remodeling can be a great way to revive your home. You can change how your home functions and flows. It is a great opportunity to fix nagging issues and resolve any obstacles keeping from loving your home. Unfortunately, construction can also disrupt your life, throwing off your routine.


Here are my 4 tips to keep your sanity during a remodel so that you don’t lose your groove.


1-Plan and select as much as possible before construction starts


Trust me, the harder you work to get all decisions and products selected NOW, before construction starts, the easier it will be later. Having to make quick decisions in the heat of the moment can lead to delays and rushed choices you may not like later.


Making decisions as construction is happening also pulls you out of your normal day. This disrupts your work and or family life and keeps you from getting done what you normally do.



2-Establish a communication routine between you and the contractor, before construction starts.

Talk to your contractor at the start of your project and establish a line of command for communication. Having a clear front person to answer questions and a place that they can leave or send questions can help avoid confusion. This also keeps you from being inundated by multiple attempts to reach you.


Again anything that pulls you out of your normal routine and keeps you from getting things done is going to cause you added stress.



3-Set up a construction-free zone


Your house is going to be turned upside down with the chaos of construction. Living with this around you every day can take you out of your daily routine and cause you stress. Try to find an area where you can be constructions free. I have had clients turn a guest room into a sitting area so that they can eat and watch T.V. in a familiar spot every day and not feel confirmed to just their bedroom.   Whatever room this space ends up having a spot free of the construction clutter will help you make it through.



4-Get away!


Many times your construction project can last 6-10 weeks depending on what we are doing. Even if it is just a weekend get away, I recommend getting out of the space and changing the scenery for a couple of days. Again, this can help rid you of some of the stress the chaos of your home may bring on. And if you followed my first tip and made most of your decisions ahead of time being out of town for an extended period of time won’t be a problem. Imagine being on the beach in Hawaii instead of trying to make noodles in the microwave that is shoved in the garage. Makes you want to build a trip into the budget 😉



Are you looking forward to starting your remodel? Contact us! We would love to help you keep your sanity and not lose your groove. Planning can sometimes be as tricky as the construction. But it doesn’t have to be!

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