Tiffany Pociecha, Designer & Owner of Kitchens UnlimitedWhat happens when a chemist and an accountant have children?

You get me!

LOL. I tease all the time that two right brain parents must create left brained children because I know in my own family this was certainly true. My brother and I have creative minds. Me as a designer and him in finish construction.

I am lucky that as a child my very right brained mom let me experiment and play with moving furniture, painting, and selecting any and all needed fixtures and finishes for our home. Since, this was not her strong suit. In fact, I think it pains her to even try to make these kinds of decisions (She even let me paint a bathroom ceiling pink).

Okay, maybe that pink ceiling needs more explanation…. Personally, I really don’t really like pink! But, did you know that when the lighting in the space is reflecting very cool grey, one way to warm it up is to painting the ceiling a warmer color? So, as you can guess, we painted it pink. You know what, it worked! No one even noticed the pink bathroom ceiling. Although, they did notice that they didn’t
look like a zombie in the mirror any more.

Truly I owe my design career to my mother. She recognized early my love and ability to see how moving or changing a small thing can affect the use and feel of the room for the better. She these abilities it in me and encouraged me to explore these talents long before I even realized Design was what I wanted to do for a living. I just thought it was fun! (well, it still is!) I was lucky to have the support of my mother and still do. My mother still relies on my design skills even today. In the last several years I have remodeled 3 bathrooms and a kitchen in her current home.

Design was in my blood long before I received my degree or any other certifications. I am a problem solver at heart. Designing a beautiful kitchen is not so hard, the hard part is designing a kitchen that is functional & beautiful to you, My client. I love to help my clients by providing insight and education while empowering them to create the kitchens & spaces where they can thrive.



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