Have you ever wished life came with an owner’s manual? I think one should come with purchase of all husbands, children, and businesses. Why can’t these things arrive with instructions telling us how to best use them? It would make life much easier. Think of the hundreds of marital fights and leaky diapers it could save.   LOL!


Well, I may not be able to help you with your husband or child, but what if your kitchen remodel came with an owner’s manual? The contractor is done and you’re ready to move back in, but now what? Here are 5 of my tested tips that I share with clients.


1-Keep and read all your appliance manuals.


While under construction, set aside a drawer in the kitchen where all of the manuals go. This way after the dust settles you can find them.


Yes, I know they can be dull and boring but you just spent tens of thousands of dollars on these appliances. You should know how to use them to their fullest. I find most of my clients don’t know how to use all the features on their units and never take the time to learn.   DO IT! Those features can come in handy.


2-Wait until EVERYTHING is done to clean


Dust is sneaky. It gets into and through all kinds of cracks and crevasses. I see clients all the time trying to keep up with the dust of remodeling. Save yourself and your back! Wait until construction is done and then do a thorough cleaning. Even better, hire a cleaning company to give the whole house a once over to get any stray dust and dirt gone for good!


3-Remember your design plan


Chances are you determined where items should go when you designed your kitchen. Even if you only worked out a rough idea of where you would be putting things, pull out this plan. Start with the major things like plates, glasses, silverware, pots, etc. Then start putting away the smaller things. Note: Only unpack things you use. If you have not used it in 12-24 months, give it to a home that will!


4-Put the cleaning products under sink


Do you know what cleaning products to use on your new cabinets, countertops and floors? If not ask your designer and suppliers. Now take these cleaners and label them (ie. Countertop cleaner, cabinetry cleaner, etc). Now, when anyone in the family goes to wipe something up they are using the proper products. This will help you maintain the beautiful finishes and keep you from chasing after people using the wrong products.

Tip- My favorite product for cleaning stainless steel sinks is Bar Keeper’s Friend. It works great to keep and maintain that new looking finish for years to come.


5-Turn on your oven before using


This is a tip I find that many homeowners don’t know. When turning on your oven for the first time it will smell funny. Do this before you want to cook the thanksgiving turkey! You don’t want your turkey to taste like that smell. Turn on the oven for 30 min – 1 hour and open up your windows. It helps burn off any of that chemical smell.


Now relax and enjoy your new kitchen!!


Don’t have that new kitchen to move into yet? No problem, give us a call or e-mail and we can help you find that dream kitchen.

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