For years, I have told people I love to travel. I have done a lot of it so this would make sense. From trips all the way across Russia and Belarus to France, Spain, Italy, England and Scotland, I have seen my fair share of cities. Only recently realizing, I hate to travel. But wait, I love the adventure of exploring new places and seeing and experiencing new and different things. What I dislike is the hustle and bustle of getting packed up and out the door. I find it fills me with stress and anxiety. Thinking back, I have been like this since I was a child. Many a family road trips began with me getting sick. No fun!!


Yet, if someone were to offer me a free trip right now I would jump on it without blinking. Why? Am I just a glutton for punishment? I would jump on the chance to travel because some things are worth the hassle and stress. The memories and experiences far out way the stress of the actual travel to me. What is worth the trouble for you? I am sure there is something.


For most people the thought of remodeling their home fills them with stress and anxiety. So why do people go ahead and start a remodel? Usually, there is a need or a want that is stronger than their fear of the stress. The change a remodel can make in your environment makes it worth the trouble!


Who do you know who is wanting to remodel but not sure it’s worth the trouble? Have them give us a call. We can walk them through the process and show how most of the time it is not only worth it, but you will wonder why you waited so long!

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