Are you feeling underwhelmed by your bathroom? You shouldn’t let it be because bathroom remodeling or upgrades can actually be fun projects! 

If you are perturbed with the budget, Kitchens Unlimited has collected some easy bathroom revamps that you can probably do yourself and on the weekends that are economical and reasonable costs. 

Easy Bathroom Revamps Tips:

Revamp With Passion

  • Revamp the bathroom vanity by using an old desk cabinet or vintage table if you are into a classic and timeless look.
  • Adding some pullout shelves or floating shelves are a great help with the organization.
  • Install a new sink and faucet for a quick revamp. Restoring these two bath fixtures would be stunning. Thus, leaving a great impression in almost any bathroom.
  • Shifting to modern cabinetry is an option. If you’re tired of old cookie-cutter oak cabinetry in your bathroom, replace it with modern kitchen cabinets. 
  • Another revamps you can do is adding a medicine cabinet. If you want an organizational look that calls for elegance and simplicity, replace the cabinet to a glass storage shelves or glass shower shelf. 
  • Add tiles accents around your bathroom mirror to refine its features. Nonetheless, if your bath space allows it, putting on the additional mirror would make your space looks huge. After all, duo mirrors are great in a shared bathroom.
  • Create a  stylish look by adding an extra elbow room in the shower with a curved curtain rod. With a curved rod, you can use your existing shower curtain & rings. 
  • Opt for a glass shower if you feel your shower curtain is too dull. Glass showers may be more expensive but undoubtedly looks great. You can just worry and decide if the cost is worth it in the long run.

Reinvigorate Some Touches

  • Restore the cabinets with the latest hardware like modifying the color or style of the doorknobs. You can also change other bath fixtures like the bathroom tissue holder, towel bar, hooks, lighting, and curtain rods.

Painting the Bath Space

  • If your vanity has good bones, you can revive it with a coat of paint. Go for painting only the front face of your cabinets for a fresh new look. 
  • Paint the bathroom walls a soft white, light grey or any color that gives the space light & clean look. 
  • Avoid paints with yellow undertones; they can make your bathroom look dated again.
  • Prepare to spare some budget on small paint testers. Paint is a funny thing! It can look totally different on your wall compared to the paper sample from the manufacturer. 
  • Purchase samples of your favorite 2 or 3 paint colors and do a test area with each paint in your bathroom. Usually, there is a clear winner.

Bathroom revamps aren’t expensive if you explore further and open to improvements that can really restyle the features of your bathroom but give you astounding results. 

Ready to turn your “blahs” to “ahs” in your bathroom and need professional help? 

Let Kitchens Unlimited help you. We design a bathroom that you can thrive in and continue to thrive as you move into the future. 

Schedule your Virtual Consultation with Kitchen Unlimited Consultants to help you re-imagine your bathrooms with a commitment to making sure it’s as aesthetically pleasing as it is useful.


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