Does shopping overwhelm you? Too many choices, all the chaos, bright lights and noise, zapping your energy and leave you overwhelmed, warn out and feeling defeated?!


Guess what, me too! I am a firm believer that more of us need to be conscious of our environment and how it leaves us feeling. Many of us push thru this feeling and never stop to realize it is draining us. Or, we avoid it and buy things online, hoping they are what we want, but not sure until it arrives. Not exactly the best environment to create your new living space, right?!


Recently I learned about the term “Highly Sensitive Person”.

Funny that I had noticed this feeling, go shopping at Costco on a Saturday and tell me you don’t, but never realized that there were tons of others who felt the same, let alone a name for it!


Not sure if you are a HSP? Click on this link for more information.


I’m not here to teach you about HSP, but instead to tell you that is okay. There are others out there, and we specialize in working with YOU.


Why do we work well with those that are highly sensitive?


-We come to you! No nasty showrooms to trapes through. We bring everything to you in the comfort of your home.


-Only choices that work! Ever get to a store and get so overwhelmed you forgot what you were looking for? We show you a filtered view of the world, only bringing items that fit your style and budget.


-We understand you! We are just like you. We know how it feels to be stretched thin with work, family & life. A remodel shouldn’t be the straw to break the camels back. We are here to make your life and project easier.


In the end I find our approach will save you tons of time, energy and money. You also end up with a better project. No more choosing products just to BE DONE! You can make choices that are right for you with out pressure and stress.


Do you know someone who has tried starting a remodel but got so overwhelmed it is on hold? Please share this information, there is a better way!

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