Recently a friend on Facebook posed a question,

“Do you make your bed everyday?”

I was kind of surprised by the responses.  There was an overwhelming number of people who replied it was a MUST to make their bed everyday.  Maybe this surprises me because it is so far from my thoughts.

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Modern bedroom decorated with bright purple flowers. Fresh design.



I rarely make the bed. Instead I buy nice sheets that match my comforter and so even in a state of disarray, It still matches and looks nice. Is it because my feet hit the floor and I’m off running?  Maybe, but to me it is planning for the imperfections.  Since I know I am not a bed maker I found a way to make it look nice without expecting a change in behavior.


Where else in your house are you imperfect?

  • Hairdryer and flat iron left on the bathroom counter?
  • Bath towels ending up awkwardly draped somewhere?
  • Kitchen appliances left out?
  • Hand washing still drying next to the sink?
  • Oils and spices sitting next to the cooktop?
  • Bills and notes from the kids school on the countertop?


You could hire a maid to follow the whole family around but this might be as unrealistic as expecting you to put EVERYTHING away every time you use it. What if we started to plan and design around these imperfections, instead of the unsightly mess when you fail to meet the mark?


Lets start REALLY looking at how you live. Think what a difference it could make to work with your flaws and not fight those hard set habits. 

Ready to get started on a new kitchen or bath?  Give us a call/e-mail today for a free design consultation.

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