If you know me well, you would know I love a good DIY project! Rolling up your sleeves and getting it done… Nothing better! Thought this week I would share with you my latest “Do It Yourself Project” from around my house.


As many of you know I’m expecting a son at the end of September. Actually, as I’m writing this I have 9 day left till my due date. Although, you know how due dates go, most baby’s don’t adhere to our time schedules… LOL


We have been working to convert our old guest room into a nursery for this little man. I knew I wanted something different painted on the wall behind the crib and finally settled on some birch trees. (BTW I’m a sucker for trees. Don’t know what it is but my daughter has one painted on her wall too.) I also decided on this really cool navy blue paint color. We will use the navy blue for two walls and a Khaki for the other two.


The next trick was how to get the trees onto the wall. I have had good luck in the past with masking off and painting patterns. I find this easier and cheaper than decals etc. The one trick with masking a textured wall is to embrace the bleed thru. Just know it will happen and work with it instead of against it!


Here is a quick step by step of what we did our DIY Birch Tree Mural and how it turned out. ENJOY!




  1. Masking


We used blue tape to mask off the pattern we wanted. I used birch tree photos from online to loosely base these off of. I tore the tape so there were no perfectly straight edges. Take your time and I highly recommend help! Especially since I was 9 months pregnant. Ladders tend to be a no, no at this point!





  1. Painting


Once you have everything masked out the way you want and all the edges are firmly down, start to paint. This part is pretty easy. Even my 2 1/2 year old pitched in to help. Make sure you cover the wall evenly and don’t get any thin spots. We used a paint that had a primer built in. For a dark color like this I highly recommend that. It will save you a TON of time and use a lot less paint. Ideally you don’t want the paint on too thick because it will make the next step much harder!






  1. Remove the tape



This is the moment of truth!

Slowly, peel off the tape. Make sure you are pulling up the tape and not the paint too. This part can be tricky

but is

my favorite because it is so fun to see the design take shape. I find a sharp blade can help lift edges and cut paint if it is starting to lift. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect. We can still touch up!






  1. Touch up and details


WOW! came out cool right?! I was pretty excited by the results. I knew before I started that I wanted to add

some texture to the trees and not just have silhouettes.

This is the part I thought was the hardest! Again, referencing back to the photos I found online and using a small brush we started making marks for the bark. The imperfections are what make it look realistic. Standing back

also helped. It was easy to get too obsessed over a spot.


  1. Enjoy


I was very happy with the end result of our DIY Birch Tree Mural! Now, I can’t wait until I get the other walls painted and furniture back in. =)






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