Still working on your guesstimate numbers for your remodel budget?

If you missed the first blog on remodel budgets make sure you go back and check it out. Then come back here…


Once you have totaled all your numbers, we need to decide what to do next.


Where are you in your budget?


Are you under your budget requirements? AWESOME!! Keep working on refining those numbers and make sure you have included everything. Is there any part of your project you thought would be nice but didn’t include? Maybe take a second look at these items.


Are you over your anticipated budget? This is very common. Don’t get disheartened! Most people go through this. Here are a couple ideas:


 Look at different options


Do you have champagne taste on a beer budget? I think we have all been there at one time or another. Are there other ways to get the desired look without spending a fortune? Some things are worth the investment. For items that will get heavy use or are hard/impossible to replace later, I would spend the money now. Are the hand painted glass pendants a must?   Maybe not. Remember, once you stand back and look at it, we are going for a feel. I personally think cabinetry is one place to not skimp. It is the foundation of your kitchen. Remember, you are putting thousands of dollars in countertop on these cabinets. It is not an inexpensive or easy change to modify these later.



Consider Phases


Can you break your project down into pieces that you can afford? Many times a kitchen remodel will be tied into a much bigger addition or overflow into other rooms. Can these be broken down into smaller projects?


Keep in mind… sometimes it’s best to just wait until you can do it right the first time. A Band-Aid is truly just that… it is never meant to be permanent. Rather than blowing your budget on a temporary fix, you are probably better off just waiting and doing it right the first time.


Break out your hammer


Are you handy? I love a good DIY. Although, there is a big difference between DIY projects on Pinterest and DIY construction. Doing labor yourself can be daunting, but will save you a lot of money. In this age of  YouTube videos, we can almost all be an expert with a little patience. There are still areas I would recommend hiring professional. My husband and I have tackled many home projects on our own, but I still don’t feel confident when it comes to electrical or plumbing. Know your limits!


We are here to help you design a kitchen or bath that fits your needs in your budget. Give us a call to get started.

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