Cora helping Bake Cookies.

Sometimes I find I get so caught up in getting things done that I miss the whole point of why I was doing them in the first place. In our hurry, hustle life style it is easy to do. I started baking the other day, in a hurry trying to get that item checked off my list. What do you know everything went wrong. The dough came out dry and the caramel wouldn’t melt. I was frustrated, but powering through. A little later my two-year-old daughter wanted to join me. At first I thought, “I don’t have time for that”. But, I took a deep breath and realized I was missing the point! I needed to cook with LOVE! I let her join me and she helped scoop the flour and stir in ingredients. It may have made a huge mess and taken a little longer but that was okay. I had remembered my Why and realigned my energy. I truly believe the energy we put into things is what it will create. Cooking in a hurry, frustrated and powering through created poor results. Once I realized this and came from a place of love, not only was I enjoying myself more and making great memories with my daughter (the whole point) but I was also making better cookies.


This translates into everything we do. What are you feeling? Your frustration and angst can show up in your designs too. Have you been making decisions for your home remodel, just because it needs to be done? You are on a time line and others are waiting on your decisions? You don’t have the time and money to drag this out any longer? You need to make decisions but feel unsure and don’t know why it isn’t all working? But, you have been powering through.


What kind of results are you creating? Is this working well? My guess is the results are not your dream you started with and you are getting tired and worn out. Now try to flip it around and start by pouring love into your surroundings. Try to de-stress your remodel by learning to “cook with love”. What is your why? Realign your energy and try re-looking at things. Better right?! Think how much this could change how you feel about the spaces you are creating and live in. You could create a home you will love not just live in.


Having trouble “Cooking with Love”? This takes some practice. Give us a call and we will take the stress and worry out of your project so you can find the love in your home.

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