Comparing Pullouts Vs. Drawers

One common question I am asked by clients is,  “Which is better, cabinetry with Drawers or Pullouts?”.  My automatic answer is always drawers.  Why?  Well because they are easier and quicker to access.  Let us walk through this scenario of pullouts vs. drawers real quick.








  1. Open the door (or both doors) all the way.
  2. Pullout the pullout
  3. Grab item
  4. Push in pullout all the way.
  5. Close door (or doors)

Note: If you don’t open doors all the way or push pullout in all the way the pullout will scrape the doors.

Now lets try that again…


  1. Open drawer
  2. Grab item
  3. Close drawer

Which would you rather do with dirty hands, while trying to cook?  Personally I find drawers much faster and easier to use.  They both hold the same amount of storage and generally cost the same.

Reasons to use a pullout instead of a drawer.

  • Visual- Most people are adjusting to the look of mostly drawers in a kitchen since this is a popular trend but sometimes we want to break up the cabinetry run or change the look.
  • Limited access- How often will we be accessing this item?  If it is not something we will go for often a pullout may be a good option.
  • Size options- If you have a tall or heavy item like a mixer or blender.  These may be taller than our standard drawer options available. Some cabinetry companies also offer adjustable placement for rollouts.
  • Retro fit- Sprucing up your kitchen without replacing cabinetry?  This can be a nice DIY project to make those frustrating shelves more functional.

In the end I find most people end up doing a mix of both drawers and rollouts.  Start thinking about what you are storing and how you want to access it.  If you need some help with this let us know. We are here to help you create a place where you can THRIVE!


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