Jennifer, Cora (Tiffany’s stand-in), & Melissa

Recently, we had a client appreciation Happy hour. We invited all the clients, contractors and people who had referred a client in the past year plus to celebrate and appreciate. We enjoyed appetizers, drinks, a fun slideshow of projects completed over the year and a photo booth wall (cause we all need to be silly sometimes!).


Why do I think it is important to do this? Because we wouldn’t be here without all of you!! I think it is important to stop and appreciate what we have and celebrate what we have accomplished. Kitchens Unlimited is growing (and I’m not just talking about my ever growing belly 😉 ). I am ever grateful to my awesome staff (yes, there is more than just me!) and I think it is important that clients and vendors get to know them better too.


In case you missed the event here is a little intro:


My office assistant Melissa has been with us since 2014. Mostly behind the scenes, Melissa takes care of the billing, payments, filing, ordering and organizing samples, scheduling deliveries, client gifts and way more. She is now training to take it to the next level, learning more about cabinetry and job site measures. Clients will finally get the opportunity to see a little bit more of her.


I also have my Kitchen & Bath designer Jennifer. She has been with us since 2013 when I went on maternity leave with my daughter. With almost 20 years of Kitchen and Bath design experience, Jennifer, Brings her expert eye and skill to each job. Jennifer is our 20/20 drawing expert and has a hand in every drawing and order we design.


As I prepare to go out on maternity leave soon you might just see and hear from them a bit more often 😉 No matter when you work with Kitchens Unlimited we are always at the ready to serve you and help make your project just a little better. If you have questions always feel free to reach out to any of us.

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