If It Makes You Happy

A couple of years ago, I was discussing a potential vacation with a good friend, and occasional travel companion. We had kicked around the idea of this trip for a while, and I was reluctant to commit to further planning. This was to be an international trip lasting a few weeks. “It’s just going to …

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Does Shopping Overwhelm You?

Does shopping overwhelm you? Too many choices, all the chaos, bright lights and noise, zapping your energy and leave you overwhelmed, warn out and feeling defeated?!   Guess what, me too! I am a firm believer that more of us need to be conscious of our environment and how it leaves us feeling. Many of …

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The Bad News and Good News

Happy post Thanksgiving! That glorious event where we cook for 10 hrs in a kitchen that is too small, over crowded, and inefficient. The counters are so full you now know how Jenga was invented. Grandma Jo was in your way trying to help (which isn’t helpful), and your fit bit beeped 10,000 steps before …

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3 Ways You’re Thinking Too Small

Getting ready to remodel a kitchen or bathroom?  My advise is to stop thinking small. What does that mean? So often we can’t see past what we have, to imagine what could be. This is where a designer can help you assess your needs, wants, and space to see outside the box and create the …

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What’s The Difference Between Our Services & Lowe’s or Home Depot?

Several clients lately have asked us lately, “ What’s the difference between our services & Lowe’s or Home Depot? ” This is actually a topic I feel pretty strongly about. So much so that I wrote an e-book about it. I figure since this questions has come up twice in one week maybe it was …

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I recently saw a commercial that made me laugh out loud. Not LOL but really actually “laugh out loud”!! I’ll put a link to it below so you can be in on the humor. (P.S. If you ever see me use the #Blessed, I have been kidnapped by aliens. Send a search party ASAP)   …

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