DIY Magnetic Board

Hey ya’ll- Ashley here! So my inspiration for this magnetic board came from a Melissa and Doug magnetic doll for Laney last week. She showed immediate interest, but found it hard to dress the doll with the little stand it came with and the no flat surfaces we seemed to have for her disposal. (Insert …

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Is Green Design a “Thing” Anymore?

     About 10 years ago, I began taking classes at UC Berkeley Extension to complete a certificate program in Sustainable Design. As I to worked my way through the program, I began to wonder if eventually, the terms Sustainable Design, or Green Design would become redundant, because all good design would automatically incorporate sustainability. …

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Does Shopping Overwhelm You?

Does shopping overwhelm you? Too many choices, all the chaos, bright lights and noise, zapping your energy and leave you overwhelmed, warn out and feeling defeated?!   Guess what, me too! I am a firm believer that more of us need to be conscious of our environment and how it leaves us feeling. Many of …

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Keeping Up With The Jones’

Want to see what Keeping Up With The Jones’ looks like these days? Take a look at how your neighbors are remodeling their kitchens and bathrooms.   This past year the hottest trend we have seen so far is the White Shaker cabinetry with gray countertops, backsplash, walls, and floors. With this current trend, we …

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The Bad News and Good News

Happy post Thanksgiving! That glorious event where we cook for 10 hrs in a kitchen that is too small, over crowded, and inefficient. The counters are so full you now know how Jenga was invented. Grandma Jo was in your way trying to help (which isn’t helpful), and your fit bit beeped 10,000 steps before …

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3 Ways You’re Thinking Too Small

Getting ready to remodel a kitchen or bathroom?  My advise is to stop thinking small. What does that mean? So often we can’t see past what we have, to imagine what could be. This is where a designer can help you assess your needs, wants, and space to see outside the box and create the …

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What’s The Difference Between Our Services & Lowe’s or Home Depot?

Several clients lately have asked us lately, “ What’s the difference between our services & Lowe’s or Home Depot? ” This is actually a topic I feel pretty strongly about. So much so that I wrote an e-book about it. I figure since this questions has come up twice in one week maybe it was …

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Which Kitchen Sink Is Better?

As a Kitchen and Bath Designer I get asked my advise wherever I go. From my Dentist, to people in line at the store. Once people learn what I do for a living, the questions start. I really don’t mind too much because I like what I do, and I like helping people, although answering …

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So Many Crayons In The Coloring Box

I was cleaning up my daughter’s crayons last night, and I was excited to see so many crayons in the coloring box.There are so many options, and so much opportunity. I love color! (Can you tell?)   Colors can make you feel happy, sad, or excited. Colors can be tied to memories and emotions too? …

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