Have you ever got to the point of frustration that you just don’t care anymore? You no longer feel passionate about the colors or details, you just want it done already!! Learn how to save yourself years of regret.

Unfortunately, construction doesn’t always go as planned. Actually, I would say it rarely goes exactly as planned, even with the best of designers and contractors. Although we try to eliminate these problems as much as possible, at some point in your project they will show up. Material will come in differently than anticipated, Mold or Asbestos is found, your electrical panel has to be updated or moved, that wall wasn’t built quite as drawn on the plans, we end up with delays due to weather or other complications… I could keep going and going but I think you get my point. By this point in your remodel you are fed up and say “I Don’t Care!”.

But wait, you do! I was just working with a client who was ready to just settle for a tile that was slightly different than envisioned because she wanted it done. Thankfully, I stopped her and we were able to fairly quickly come to another solution. Yes, this took waiting another couple of days but in the end she can look back and love her kitchen. No one wants to look back in 5 years and wish they had just waited a couple more days to get it done right.

At Kitchens Unlimited we help you remember your long term goals and vision. It is easy to loose site of those when you get tired and frustrated. We want you to be happy with your project now and 10 years from now.  Let us help you remember your passion when you need it most.


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