You might think that this is an oversell, but you really can be happier and healthier when your home is in order. This includes your kitchen. The same way you feel more put together when your purse or office is orderly; your kitchen being orderly helps you not just physically work in the space better, but clears your mind mentally as well. In fact, science supports this. Clutter and disorganization lead to the inability to focus and process information. Hmmm. Does that feeling seem familiar to anyone else?


Why do I recommend starting in the kitchen?

We spend a good percentage of our life here. Think about all the things you do in your kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, homework, paying bills, Sorting mail, feed pets, make phone calls… I’m sure you are getting the idea, We LIVE in our kitchen! Especially, us moms.  It is also the place that we come to connect with friends and family. We come to the kitchen to nourish not only ourselves but also our families physically and emotionally. Wow! Bet your not looking at your little old kitchen the same anymore?!


Imagine being able to cook in your kitchen without taking 20 min to search for the necessary bowls and ingredients. I tease, a poorly designed kitchen requires roller skates. Follow me on this adventure real quick:


You want a bowl of cereal. (You are hungry and don’t have energy to cook, this is perfect right?!) You head for the cereal in the pantry, half the crap falls out so you shove it back in, then head for the milk in fridge way over there, bowls are over on that side of the kitchen, spoon on the other side again. Shoot I wanted a dash of sugar on my corn flakes (don’t judge a little isn’t too bad =b) so we are back to the pantry, except all that crap just fell out again! If you were tired before starting this adventure you absolutely exhausted by now and you haven’t even had a bite yet.

Why do we make it so hard on ourselves?


We have enough stuff to stress about in life. Finding things in our Kitchen doesn’t need to be one of them!! Imagine if everything was organized and easy to locate. With your tools at your fingertips, you can move faster and enjoy more. Whether you are a professional chef or just like to reheat, our time in the kitchen shouldn’t be a chore. It should be enjoyable.



Want some tips to get you started? Keep your eyes peeled. Next week will be 5 steps to start improving your kitchen right now. Yep, without a major remodel!!


Realizing you are beyond a 5min fix? Is your kitchen just not holding up to all the love your family pours into it? No worries, we can get you fixed up. Give us a call or e-mail and we will get you a design that works for how you REALLY live. Don’t worry we don’t judge or tell 😉

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