Are you looking for a bold kitchen design that makes a statement and stands above the rest? 

Bold kitchen design isn’t for everyone. Nevertheless. you like to play it safe in interior designs, there is something to behold about a kitchen that takes a risk to make a statement. There are many techniques in creating a bold kitchen design. 

The sound of a bold, statement-making kitchen might excite you, but gives you angst that you won’t like it as much as a more neutral kitchen.

Read on to know our bold kitchen design suggestions to give your kitchen a pop of perfect.

Kitchen Cabinets

Many people believed that kitchen cabinets are key to getting that unique, bold kitchen. One way to achieve the bold kitchen you want is by using the standard sizes and styles as well as mixing it with a variety of materials and finishes. 

Keep in mind always to not hesitate to try something different anymore. You also don’t have to go all out. Something as simple as a handle can give your kitchen cabinets that hint of bold while still keeping a look that will never go out of style.

The blue kitchen cabinets blend with the stainless steel appliances that make the kitchen space peaceful and stimulate cool ideas in preparing your food. 
This kitchen cabinet is unique in style that makes a bold statement. 


Back-splash tile is a great way to make a statement and to create a bold kitchen design. That is why if you’ve got the chance to pick a back-splash for your kitchen; enjoy the moment and have fun with outstanding designs and styles. 

Bring out your entire, vivid personality with the right design. You will be amazed by the outcome of turning your kitchen into a stunning personality of its own. You can go with a strong color, a more neutral but invigorating pattern, or both. Patterns can give great texture to a kitchen, and make even the most neutral palettes stand out.

There is no limit to what you can create once you start experimenting. It is also one of the easiest things to update later on. You can balance simple lines with bold colors and patterns to create a kitchen that is thoroughly modern, and won’t feel over-stimulating.

This back-splash serves as a counter as well that provides a double-purpose convenience. 
The dark-colored back-splash breaks and even the theme of this white kitchen which makes it look elegant and simple. 
Bring the party to the back-splash and this will really leave a big statement to your kitchen. 

Playing with colors 

Bold Kitchen is making a statement and playing with colors is perhaps one of the best parts of the remodeling project.  

Using colorful paint to add some bold touches to your kitchen is the simplest way to create a kitchen that makes a statement. It also is less risky than choosing something that is more permanent, like counter tops or cabinets.

Playing with colors isn’t just for walls. You can blend color anywhere in your kitchen, including accessories and seating.

This kitchen simply tells us that you can’t go wrong in blending white with any color. It would definitely provide elegance in an industrial themed kitchen. 
In playing with colors in designing your kitchen is not limited to walls only, in fact, you will find amazing beauty and boldness if you put colors to your furniture. The red chairs simply reveal boldness and simplicity. 
The color of walls brings tranquility in the ambiance of the kitchen space.


Lighting is one of the most essential fragments of your kitchen design. You can spend hours choosing the best lighting you want but mind you, pick lightings that work well and look good.

Never sacrifice function over beauty! Thus, if you want to go for something big, or pattern, or more unusual, then go for it! Otherwise, if you want something diminished but striking in its simplicity, go for that too! There are no wrong answers anymore!

Remember, it’s important to consider your kitchen space before making any lighting decisions. Depending on your kitchen size, you may have to adjust the size of your light fixtures accordingly.

Mix and match various pieces of lighting styles and shapes and group them together to make a sophisticated beauty. 
As we all know, natural light still brings the best lighting to any space of your home. The kitchen area would be one of the perfect space to provide a skylight. The lighting creates a vibrant atmosphere that has a stylish minimalist effect.

Kitchen Fixtures

Kitchen fixtures are firmly fastened appliances and equipment found in a kitchen for the use of cooking and food preparation. A residential kitchen is commonly in modular arrangement like in a single-file, double-file, L, U, or G shaped, or in a block kitchen configuration. These are also varied by region to accommodate different methods of cooking.

All major kitchen appliances are group together as a single unit  and placed in the center is a practical idea. 

Yeah right, changing kitchen fixtures like a sink faucet may sound just a simple process but would still cost money. Most of all, you want to get it right the first time. The important thing to remember is that bold doesn’t always mean crazy colors, wild patterns, or extraordinary items. Sometimes bold just means something with a little extra ‘oomph’.

Instead of a classic run of the mill faucet with two taps, choosing  for gracefully rounded spout with an adjustable handle and a pullout hose can still achieved the classic look. Plus with a touch of serving its function and knack. 
A perfectly poised faucet makes a statement that is at once both bold and practical. 

As a tip for the trends nowadays, metallic aren’t just for faucets anymore; they’re a great way to add a hint of bold while working within a more neutral setting. For example, using warm metallic tiles as a backsplash in a soft tone will give you some glitter without having to go full sparkle.

This blog will tell you that confidence is always in style and that however you want your kitchen to look is the right choice. We also get that this is a big project and you may not want to take many design risks.

If you’re ready to commit, check with Kitchens Unlimited to make sure that you find professional help that will work in your space. Schedule your free design consultation today to get started!


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