I recently saw a commercial that made me laugh out loud. Not LOL but really actually “laugh out loud”!! I’ll put a link to it below so you can be in on the humor. (P.S. If you ever see me use the #Blessed, I have been kidnapped by aliens. Send a search party ASAP)




Why is this so funny? Because it is so true! We put so many pressures on ourselves, and each other, to be perfect. Look perfect, act perfect, have the perfect home, perfect children, perfect relationships, etc.


Many think that because I’m an interior designer and own a kitchen and bath design company, I must have the perfect kitchen right?!?


Wrong!! I am just as flawed as all of you. Yep, I’m calling you all out too. Let’s embrace the humor in our imperfections and celebrate the perfectly and hilariously imperfect.


Does this mean I should just give up and surrender to the chaos that is my home? Well, maybe I won’t go that far. I would still love to come home to a perfectly cleaned house, but, until that happens I do promise not to beat myself up trying to live up to impossible standards. I encourage you to try too.


Who do you know who that has been wanting to remodel their kitchen but has been too worried about “appearances”. Have them Contact us. We get it, real life happens!! We are Busy Mom’s too and we promise not to judge.

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