Births, weddings, and anniversaries. It is these occasions in our lives that we will remember. These special moments that we will use as markers for the passage of time as years pass. This week I am lucky enough to have all three to celebrate.

On Saturday (October 1st) my second child, a little boy was born. He is happy and healthy and all ready fitting into our lives like the perfect puzzle piece.

Jakob Jeffrey Pociecha
Born, Oct. 1st 2016
7lbs 10.5 oz
21.5″ long




Not even a week later my husband and I head to a wedding for some friends to celebrate the start of their marriage on the eve of our own 10 year anniversary.

After a decade of Marriage and 18 years together, what better way to celebrate our own relationship, than witnessing the love and commitment of a couple just starting theirs.

Maybe it’s the hormones, the late night feedings or the sound of my husband snoring as I write this but this week has found me a bit nostalgic. When you stand back, the chaos of everyday life melts away and we remember the truly great moments that shape our lives.  Take a moment to celebrate and enjoy those moments in your life.

Keeping the celebrations going:

I am happy to announce that the Kitchens Unlimited family is also growing. Please give a warm welcome to our newest designer Ashley Stalf. She is a welcome addition to our team and will help us continue the level of service you have all come to expect from us.  Find out more about Ashley on our website.


Ready to start the next phase in your home remodeling? Contact us today! Our team is ready to help you prepare for your next occasion with kitchens and bathrooms that fit you and your ever changing life.




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